Brad in Suit!

Development Philosophy

In my role as the head of the Supplemental Concepts team within McGraw-Hill Education's School Education Group, I have been asked to take on a creative challenge to develop new, interesting, digital products that explore unserved niches, but also leverage existing legacy content and internal platforms when possible. I have built a vision to guide our development and to help determine if we are successfully fulfilling our mission within McGraw-Hill. While this vision is directly related to my current position, I believe strongly that it conveys my general philosophy for building educational products.

  • Foundation 1: Education is not about a place, but about learning.
  • Foundation 2: Technology in education requires innovative teaching tools, solid instructional design, and effective delivery methods.
  • Foundation 3: Choosing the appropriate educational technology for the target learner, specific content, and learning situation is the key to success.
  • Foundation 4: Finding strong partners has the potential to get us to market faster and cheaper.
  • Goal 1: We will be distinctive in our work.
  • Goal 2: We will explore the edges of the market, but not neglect the center. We will find gaps in the market that can be served by new and appropriate platforms.
  • Goal 3: We will identify innovative thinkers with passion and potential.
  • Goal 4: We will move beyond the usual suspects in our search for partners.
  • Goal 5: We will develop concepts that will generate at least $1 million in annual sales within 2–3 years, with the potential to be much larger. This will require increased focus on go-to-market strategies from ideation through implementation.

Resume and Work Samples

Please click here to take a look at my resume, which is also available on my LinkedIn profile.

To review samples of some of my work, select the links on the right side of this page. You will see three sections. The first presents digital products I have helped design and develop at McGraw-Hill. The second section provides links to information about a few key print products I have been responsible for over the years. The final section offers several Web design and Flash development samples for which I have provided both content and coding work.